ShowServe has been developed by Exhibitor Kit as a comprehensive online solution. Designed to streamline operations and business for general service contractors and industry service providers.

Introducing ShowServe

ShowServe offers you a powerful 'shopping' centre for exhibitors, that includes a branded showcase for your products and services, easy order entry for exhibitors and secure online payments.

With everything in one place, readily accessible by all of your departments, ShowServe allows you to share information and communicate with your customers more easily.

Using Exhibitor Kit's integration capabilities, customer profiles, orders and payments can all flow automatically to their proper places in your internal management systems. In addition to the natural efficiencies this achieves, your business benefits from the improved service that you are able to offer not only your customers but also your show management partners.

ShowServe satisfies all of your online service needs, and is backed by full customer service and a 24/7 technical support team. It doesn't matter where you are - at the office, in the warehouse or at the show - if you have internet access, you can review your show database at any time and see the latest information.


ShowServe will:

  • cost less than using hard copy
  • streamline your order processing
  • encourage standardization
  • ensure that you are paid
  • improve customer service
  • encourage standardisation
  • provide instant reporting
  • provide 24/7 access worldwide
  • enhance your company branding

ShowServe requires:

  • NO printing or consumables costs
  • NO distribution costs or logistics
  • NO gaps in communication
  • NO duplication of data entry
  • NO movement of paper
  • NO lost orders, files or documents
  • NO time-consuming reporting

Maximize your revenues by:

  • allowing exhibitor access earlier
  • allowing late amendments
  • providing advertising opportunities
  • offering service upgrades
  • offering exhibitor showcases
  • enabling online payments

EMSystem Features

  • Online exhibitor service system
  • No desktop software required
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time processing & update
  • Administrators and permissions

Product Management

  • Service and product libraries
  • Product pictures & graphics
  • Discount & surcharge facilities
  • Multi-currency, multi-tax
  • Complex pricing mechanisms
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Service checklist builder
  • Deadline management
  • Specialised freight ordering
  • Pop-ups attached to services

Order Entry & Processing

  • Online exhibitor order entry
  • Secure credit card payment
  • Service order processing
  • Form submission processing
  • Order redirection
  • Exhibitor reports
  • Standard management reports
  • Custom management reports

Show Management Services

  • Multiple active shows
  • Branded screen layout per show
  • Multiple languages per show
  • Multi-level menu builder
  • Menu content management
  • Document library management
  • Essential forms library
  • Promotional opportunities

Exhibitor Kit Support Services

  • Managed hosting & connectivity
  • Secure database backups
  • Constant server management
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Custom integration services
  • Show production management
  • Maintenance & upgrades
  • Continuous system development
  • Consultancy & business appraisal